Welcome to Digesting Code!

Hello! James here, the owner/designer/author/editor/chief coffee maker for Digesting Code! As an aspiring web developer, I have crafted together this website and blog to document the process of learning a wide variety of front-end languages, technologies, and tools, alongside more general computer science topics.

You might have read- and even experienced for yourself- how explaining and discussing concepts, creations and ideas to others is an invaluable process to both indicate and test your level of understanding.

In which case writing articles for this blog to discuss what I have learned, the projects I have worked on, and the advice I would offer to others in similar circumstances (along with the hows and the whys) will both test and reinforce my knowledge, and lead me to becoming a better developer!

Even more important however, is that the articles here are valuable and interesting- or at least entertaining- for you!

Feel free to get in touch using the contact page or comments on each blog entry- be it to start a conversation, point out an error, challenge an assumption or talk about your own experiences and learnings!

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